Whenever you are up to moving from one place to the other, this surely gives you a different feeling of excitement. It feels great to move to a new desired location. People plan to shift to a desired location. They wait for several years just to get a place as per their wishes. All of us have a keen desire to be at a place with a feeling of calmness and safety.

To attain that security in life, we all try our best to get our family and ourselves a place where we can live without any fear, a place of our dreams, a place where we can spend time freely, and a place of our comfort. People even move to a new location for office purposes. Few of them relocate their whole office work to a new place; this
can be a healthy trick for the growth of businesses.

What if every list that you made fell down?  What if every plan becomes unsuccessful on the last day?

We can bet you are not well prepared for the consequences of the unpredictability of situations on your moving day. Life is very uncertain, and you cannot just predict what can happen when. This is one statement which everybody trusts completely. It takes a lot of intelligence and smart work to plan properly and to execute it on the final day. Even the people who have experienced the feeling of relocating before, can find it tough to do it as per plan on the moving day.

Moving day can be very difficult and exhausting for anybody. There are many steps in between your relaxing stage at a new location. There is a lot to think of before the moving day. So, if you are in doubt of what to do before the D-day, do not worry at all. Because, this is a very informative article for you, in case if you are planning to move to a new place. We have created a list of 8 points which you can consider to keep in mind before the moving day, this would help you to not miss anything at all.

So lovely people! Here you go:-

Make a list of everything digitally

Before the moving day, the very first thing you should do is make a list of all your belongings. Do not forget any of it. Making a list is an essential habit for moving. You need to list down every little or big item you want to move to the new address. Take a look at every object carefully. You should make a list including every material and package. Make different sections for various shapes and sizes. Put each item in the respective section.

This will help you in the final day to cross check about the objects or even to find one if there will be a need.
Keep the objects made up of glass and the ones who are delicate in one different section. The reason for this is to take care of their delicacy check with extra care while moving. The most important point here is to keep the list saved digitally. Put it on google drive, so that you’ll not miss it ever.

Arrange a place for pets, if you have any

Now, here is an integral part of moving with a family, in case if you have any pets and you want them to relocate with you, then you must make sure to make an arrangement for them before the moving day. Think of a scenario in your mind of the moving day, that you will be busy placing every belongings with the moving company, and your pet is running here and there disturbing everybody. This can irritate anyone. Either you can drop them off at your friend’s place or you can keep them in the pet care centres for some time, and after you’ll be done with the successful moving, pick them again from that place and take them with you. This will even save them from any harm.

Arrange boxes to keep

Keeping all items safe during the move depends upon the box you keep it in. You will need cardboard boxes for it. Use little thick boxes so that the item doesn’t get damaged. Arrange big or small boxes according to the number of the items you have, while also keeping the size in consideration. If you have the original packaging with you of every object, then it is well and good. The original packaging has extra thick foam and wraps, which keeps things safe.

Plug out every cable and wire out from the electronics

Electronic items need to be handled with extra care. Before packing, remove all the plugged accessories and parts of the electronics.Keep things like cords, cables and any extra attachment safe with the central unit. Nowadays, almost every electronic item comes with many attachments. It’s important to keep all out before packing. Keep all the accessories and parts in a separate cardboard box. Do not put all the things in one box, and this can create damage to the main unit. Check out if there is any type of discs available like Blu-ray discs and DVDs discs. Take every extra part or accessory out of the main part of the electronic. Cover all of it with the packaging foam or with a bubble wrap to keep it protected during the move.

Choose a good moving company

It will be challenging for an inexperienced one to relocate alone with all the things. It is not easy to take all the things with you for relocation. There are many removalist companies who are helping people for this purpose. They will help you from packaging to relocating to your desired place. They give complete surety to keep your items safe. You must choose one of the moving companies before the moving day. This will ease your work. Make a list of the removalists according to some points like, who fits in your budget, who is working in your state, etc.

Do a deep cleaning

A deep cleaning of every item before moving is very essential. Clean all the objects with focus. There are many vacant spaces in the electronics, which is a possible site for dust to get stuck. Make sure you clean out every cobweb, dust or dirt which can even damage the screen. Clean every item with a duster. Do the proper cleaning before final packing.

Put labels on each box

This is completely a very beneficial step for you to remember. If you don’t want to create a hassle on the moving day, then you must put labels on each box. Put labels of the name of the items inside the boxes like mixer, juicer, hairdryer, books, etc. You can also label every box like A,B,C and so on. This will be very helpful when you will be needed to search for any item particularly anytime.

Keep a Go-to bag ready

For the final day, you should have an essential bag ready with you. This bag will be your ready to go bag. Keep all your important items like lists, receipts, medicines, mobile phones, any important documents or anything which you don’t want to put in the other boxes or suitcases in the truck or any vehicle. Because of this bag you will not have to search for the essentials in the big boxes later. Make sure you keep this bag with you or at a place where it can be found easily, and it won’t get loaded inside the truck.


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