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An unprofessional pool table moving company cannot be assumed to do a great job, and there is not a single reason to trust them with your precious pool table. While taking such a risk may assist you to save a few dollars, the chance of possible damage to your pool table is too high. And if something mishaps, it will hurt your heart for years to come, and also affect your bank balance. If you do not want any problem with your move, you need to hire professional and skilled pool table movers in Auckland New Zealand, who have many years of experience and know-how to handle our customers' emotions

Here are a few considerations about the pool table, along with some reasons why you need to hire our pool table removals service in Auckland New Zealand:

Size: As we know that pool tables are bulky and massive to move. Most of them even weigh more than a thousand pounds.

Suppose you are handling such a massive and cumbersome item on your own. In that case, you are not only going to be risking damage to your pool table but also your safety because moving needs professional skills, so it would be best to hire our professional pool table movers. Relocating your pool table may hurt your back; you may even break a few bones. If your Pool table is heavy, you may even end up dropping it and destroying other precious belongings that appear to be in the way. So go through our professional removals services; it costs less than mishaps.

Special attention: Your pool table requires special attention from the old location to the new destination during the entire moving process. Pool Tables are challenging to relocate and require special care when trying to operate from staircase and hallways.

Tools and types of equipment: Our Professionals pool table movers visit your location with special equipment and follow specific techniques to assure you that your move is performed accurately. Our skilled pool table movers in Auckland New Zealand, provide you with bubble wrap, foam pad furniture, a moving blanket and straps to tie the pool table. And for moving it out, we use furniture moving dollies and ramps to minimize the chances of damage.

Professionalism: Our entire team of pool table removals is professionals who understand the structure of a pool table. It helps make it more comfortable for our members to make decisions about dismantling, packing, and transporting. After all, we have already performed it a thousand times. If the pool table has been in your house for years, then you would not want to damage your precious pool table.

Affordable Cost: The prices our customers have to pay our movers for your pool table removals service in Auckland New Zealand, only depend on your pool table's size and distance from where you need it transported. But we guarantee you that our service is best amongst other movers in Auckland New Zealand, at a very affordable price without compromising the quality of our pool table move.

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Advantages To Hiring Our Professional Pool Table Movers In Auckland New Zealand

Why should you opt for our expert and skilled pool table movers? What can we do that you cannot? How difficult can it be to relocate a pool table? Yes, we know it is cumbersome and has some sticks and billiard balls that relocate along with the table. However, at the end of the moving day, your pool table has legs and a wooden surface on top of them, and it is your complete table. Moving a pool table needs proper skills, knowledge, and tools and types of equipment that not every moving company has. There are some advantages why hiring our professional pool table movers in NewZealand:

Safety- This is one of the primary concerns, most people opt for a DIY move to save money, but sometimes moving-related injuries happen more often. So it is better to hire professionals to perform this task. Avoiding injuries when moving your possessions is the most significant advantage when you hire our pool table movers. Accidents are not in our hands, they may arise anytime, anywhere during relocation, but our movers perform any move efficiently and make your day stress free.

Proper Guidance: If you are relocating your possessions for the first time, we believe this service aspect will be a great help. Our professional movers are trained in pool table moving, which helps you to move your comprehensive house, including your pool table, quickly and without any hesitation. All your possessions are delivered in the same condition as they are at the time of packing without any damage and are scratch-free.

Knowledgeable: Our professional pool table movers operate their work with a mission to always provide you with the best moving services. As we only appoint those who have plenty of experience in moving. All our movers are thoroughly trained minimum of six months of training and ensure that you have found experts who have complete knowledge of the move. Our pool table movers are well known for their excellent services in Auckland New Zealand. With proper skills, knowledge, and experience on their side, we are sure to relocate your pool table smoothly and efficiently.

Efficient transportation- Our professional pool table movers use specially designed moving vehicles that help us safely and efficiently relocate your precious belongings. We only hire qualified vehicle operators with excellent track records and opt for the safest routes to your new destination. We ensure you that your precious pool table will be safely transported anywhere anytime as per your requirement. But all you have informed us before the moving date.

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Are you still confused? Can't find a solution, feel free to ask anything about your move. We are 24/7 available to respond to your query. You may call us on 078080810, and our professional movers will be happy to help you, or you can mail us at info@teamremovals.co.nz. One of our customer's service representatives will respond to you within 24 hours.

Alternatively, if you are searching for a fast quote, you have to fill our online application (quote) form. Again, one of our helpful and expert team will call you back at a suitable time for you to plan a visit to your property. Whether moving a grand, baby or upright pool table, our professional removals service within Auckland New Zealand guarantees an entirely safe and secure delivery of your precious pool table.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs | Pool Table Removalists Auckland New Zealand

Do your movers help us arrange the pool table in its position in my 3ew destination?

Of course, we do. At Team Removals, Our professional movers' main goal is to provide excellent service to our customers, which certainly involves placing your beloved pool table exactly where you want it.

What occurs if the weather looks bad?

Bad weather is not perfect for your move. But due to our vast experience, our professional movers can handle such moves as we know there are potent deadlines when relocating. It is impossible to work as fast as we usually would to maintain safety, but we can still perform an efficient and safe removal.

For how much time will your pool table moving quote be valid?

As long as the discussed conditions and amount of goods do not change, we are very manageable with the terms of our quotes.

Do you provide transit insurance for my pool table?

Yes, we provide our customers with transit insurance. It helps you to protect your pool table during the entire relocation process from damage and theft. If you have any details of particular concern or a significant value, it is suggested that you take out a separate policy for such delicate goods.

Do you provide your pool table removal services over the weekend?

Of course, we do. Team Removals work on Saturday and Sunday to assist our loving customers. But, we do suggest booking well in advance due to high demand over holidays.

What if I have to cancel my move?

If you move within Auckland New Zealand, cancellations must be notified at least 48 hours before the scheduled relocation date. Otherwise, you have to pay the amount of money, or 50% of the quoted price – whichever is greater – cancellation price will apply. But for long-distance jobs, cancellations must be advised at least seven days in advance. Otherwise, 75% of the quoted price cancellation charge will apply. Please visit our terms and conditions page for more details.

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