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Let Team Removals’ man with a van service take your worries away. We will pack and transport your furniture anywhere in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, you want. Our team is consistently working and trying to move people within their budget. We go the extra mile for our customers to guarantee them the highest satisfaction. When you use our man with a van in Hawkes Bay, you will be given a specialised pre-move survey and be assigned with a move manager. Team Removals is famous for making their customers’ moves cheapest and the most flexible. We have an average rating of five, and have experience moving 1500+ homes and offices.

We exactly understand the needs and requirements of our customers and brings them with flexible moving services. So, even if you are looking for a single item removal service or want to hire for complete house removal, you will be given a man and van service, which is specifically built for all types and sizes of relocation.

Families (majorly nuclear) who live in small apartments or flats are more in demand of man and van services. Similarly, if people only want to move a few items or single pieces of furniture, such as their bed, closet, bathtub, or wardrobe, they usually hire a man and van removals service in Hawkes Bay. Even retailers and businessmen who want to move their offices or commercial enterprises can use our moving services.

Perks Of Hiring

Benefits Of Hiring Man With A Van Removals Service

Delivery made smooth and easy: If you aren't that experienced and want to move your belongings or any other types of properties, to another destination then a man with a van service can ensure you with the safest and cheapest delivery. They use requisite dollies, trolleys, and moving trucks to ensure that all of your items are stored in their vans. Team Removals do not cut corners when it comes to ensuring you with the most efficient and satisfactory moves.

Backloading Services: If you are moving a few belongings to another place, you can also hire a backloading service by your man with a van moving service provider. So what is a backloading service? A backloading service can be described as a cost-saving method of moving, where your items are loaded onto a truck that has space in it or returned empty from a previous relocation to the point of origin. You can use such an option for a quick load or last-minute move.

Customized Packing: It is not necessary that standard packaging always works for special types of handlings. Our man with a van Hawkes Bay, team provides the customers with flexible packing which can be customised according to your needs. This involves a customised crating device. These crating systems are often used to load your delicate arts and antiques, such as your beautiful sculptures or decorative objects. Moving covers cell foam, padding, tapes, bubble wrap, thick cardboard boxes, fastening straps, and other regular wrappings are often used.

Reasons To Choose Us

Why Choose Our Man And Van Service In Hawkes Bay?

Before you know why you choose our man and van service, you should know how you can choose an excellent man and van service? Here are some of the factors you can consider while moving with your man and van service.

Reliability- You can check their website and search for their social media to grab the first impression. Find the location of their office or you can directly contact them. Not all removalist companies have a well-maintained website. To distinguish between one who is fake and real, you can ask for their certificate and license.

Testimonials- Many reputed companies publish their testimonials on their website. These testimonials tell a lot about the quality of services the company is offering. You can also look for reviews on popular reviewing websites, where true and genuine users write reviews.

Insurance policy- Seek companies that offer full coverage that won't scam you. Bear in mind if an item is damaged because of the way you packed it, the movers usually won't reimburse your losses.

Here are some of the reasons you should choose our man with a van service

We provide numerous services which offer great savings to our customers. We have been providing the customers.

Extremely flexible services:

At Team Removals we understand that each move is unique and this way, there has to be flexibility in each move. We offer flexible services to all our clients, tailored to meet your requirements within the budget specified by you. Our comprehensive services include house and office furniture removals, storage services, and single items removal services.

We are the experts in our field:

We are the experts in our field, and that is why we ensure that our company is catering to all of your needs. Our man and van are highly trained drivers, removalists, and consultants. We handle even the biggest of the moves very professionally and smoothly. So, in short, you can always count on us to get the job done efficiently, quickly, and safely.

Local knowledge:

We have been providing our two-man and truck moving services in Hawkes Bay for a decade. We have been in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, working consistently to provide people with an amazing moving experience. Our intention is to get your belongings from one destination to another. We possess the local knowledge of Hawkes Bay.

Fast response:

Our customer care service is available 24*7 available to remove all your doubts and resolve your query. You can get in touch anytime you wish, if you would like to get a quotation, we aim at providing the cheapest quotes within hours.


There is no escaping when it comes to expenses. At Team Removals we make sure that we always give the highest priority to our customers over just making a profit. Because we offer personalised service at a very low cost, we have emerged as the most commonly used removalist.

No Hidden Charges

We have been offering the customers the fairest of the services that is free from any hidden charges. We are committed to giving only one quotation which is complete and final. Unlike most of the moving companies in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, Team Removals do not charge any hidden amount from the customers.

Insured Services

Because we provide a comprehensive public liability insurance policy and goods-in-transit insurance policy. Our company has a comprehensive insurance policy which will cover even the most unique demands. We provide our services with the utmost care and due diligence of your belongings will be looked after from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs | Man With A Van Services Hawkes Bay

What is your van capacity? How many vans do I need to move my belongings?

The size of the moving van or truck depends on the volume of the belongings you are about to move. We have been moving with us to a 3 plus bedroom house and also as small as one room house or a few belongings. Team Removals man with a van service provides local and intercity moves in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. We have with us available all types and sizes of vans and trucks to cater to all of your needs.

Is Team Removals completely insured?

Our insurance is based on the whole move, and there is no restriction for single items. Yes, our removals service is completely insured for all your properties. Also, you will find that our removalists services insurance is completely flexible based on the individual moving need. Note here that the owner's packed belongings aren’t included in the insurance policy. If you are going to pack your belongings all by yourself, you cannot guarantee the items are packed professionally.

Won’t two men with truck service be enough?

Having the right numbers of men in the job is very important. Two men on a job will be more efficient than one, three men on a bigger scale move will be more efficient than two. Two men on the job are always recommended so that if one man carries the belongings, the other one is there to handle it, or give directions. So based on the scale of the move, you can opt for more men, this will increase the quotation price by a little, but will ensure that the overall cost is minimised.

What preparations should I do?

The biggest tip here would be that one should not take stress. In any circumstances, you can take the consultation or advice which will help you improve your situation and even reduce your cost. If you would like Team Removals to assist let us know. A well prepared and scheduled move will only ensure an efficient move. Decluttering helps minimise the last minute hassle, defrost fridge, dried bathtub, packed clothes, and more such preparations would help us to reduce the overall time.

Will your men come on time?

Yes! We understand that waiting for an already booked and planned service could be very irritating and inconvenient. And personally we don't like to get late for our next move. That is why we ensure that our man with a van is reaching the specified location on time and completing it as soon as possible to never get late for our next location.

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