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Single Item Removals

Do you want to move your single item? But don’t know how to move it? What is included in single items? Let us answer all your questions one after another one by one. In single items, we consider single heavy and oversized items such as Bathtub, Spa tub, Piano, Pool table, etc. These are some single but heavy items. Moving these items is not an easy task to do. You will think that it is only one item, how typical will it get to move it but this one item will be going hard to move and let us tell you why.

These single items are costly and weigh high. The slightest mistake in moving these items will burn a massive hole in your pocket, and you will not be able to do anything other than regretting your decision. So be careful before moving any of these single items. Some people prefer hiring professional single item movers to move these heavy items.

Professional movers in Hawkes Bay, are a team of Professional and professional movers who move your single item in your budget in a quick way. Professional movers are beneficial in moving your items, and they can quickly move these items in a hassle freeway.

Single Item Removals

What Includes Our Single Item Removals Service?

Bathtub / Spa Pool Removal

Many people are using bathtubs or spa tubs. They are a way to feel relaxed while bathing, but their removal will be the opposite experience for you. Their removal will take up some time and will stress you out. Hiring professional movers will lower your workload, and you will be able to get rid of your old bath or spa tub quickly.

Piano Removals

The piano is a delicate and heavy item. Removing or relocating a piano need some strong hands along with focus and carefulness. The piano is an expensive item, and it is also oversized; moving a piano is not an easy task. While removing, the piano is at high risk of getting damaged; a wrong move while moving may harm the piano and cause harm to the nearby people. So hiring professional movers to move this delicate item will be a great choice.

Pool table Removals

A pool table is usually used to play snooker. A pool table is a heavy and oversized item. Moving a pool table as it is will be the wrong choice. While moving a pool table, it is needed to disassemble its parts and then move them. To avoid any stress on moving this critical item, Hire professional single item movers. We will move your pool table with utmost care and security.

Reasons To Choose Us

Why Should You Hire Our Professional Single Item Movers To Move Your Item?

Let’s discuss some perks of hiring us as your single item movers to move your single item.

Safety of Item

By hiring Professional single item movers, you will be assured of the safety of your delicate and expensive items. We will safely move your oversized items to avoid any damage. We know how much attached a person is to his items, and that's why we highly focused on the safety of items. We also provide damage insurance, as if, in any case, anything happens to your item, then you will be free from bearing any loss. Through any means, you will be saved.

Packing and unpacking

We will also provide packing and unpacking facilities, and this will help you save much time.

Packing plays an essential role in moving, and if your item is packed carefully, it will lower the risk of damage and getting dirt during the move. We use high-quality packing materials to pack your valuable items, and after the transportation, we also unpack them for you.

Loading and Unloading

Professional movers will also provide you with some helpful facilities such as loading and unloading items. Loading and unloading both are hectic processes having a high risk of getting damage to items. Our Professional moving hands will do this work with utmost care and ensure the safety of your valuable item. We will do the most hectic part of the move for you.


Professional single item movers will also provide you with safe and secure transportation facilities. We will transport your items safely at the prescribed time at the destination point. We will be serving our best timely services because we know that time is money. Our vehicles are highly maintained and safe for your single item relocation.

Assemble and disassemble

Some items are only being relocated or moved after reassembling, including bathtubs, spa tubs and pool table. You need first to reassemble them, only after you will be able to move them. Our professional movers will provide you with this facility. Also, they will reassemble and, after transportation, reassembles your item and save your precious time and effort.

So these are some benefits that you will get by hiring Professional single item removal services in Hawkes Bay. Choose the best removals services that match your needs. Hiring us as your removal partner will save your time and money along with your efforts. You don't need to make the decision quickly, compare differents movers and packers, and then choose those service providers that you think suits you better.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs | Single Item Removals In Hawkes Bay

Are you insured movers?

Yes, We, the Professional Single Item movers, are insured movers. We have been serving these services for the past ten years in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand and have built prominence as one of the best movers in Hawkes Bay.

How much do you cost to move our item?

The moving cost will depend on some factors that include:

  • Size and weight of the item.
  • The number of movers needed to move that item.
  • Access to the location
  • The floor at which the item is placed or will be delivered.
  • Type of vehicle used to relocate that item.
  • Time duration of the journey.
Do you provide storage facilities?

Yes, we do provide storage facilities to our customers. We have a well-established warehouse where you can store your item, and your item will be safe and secure at our storage house. You can store your item anytime, for any given period of time.

Are your moving services expensive?

No, Our moving services are not expensive. We, Professional Single item movers, will provide you with the best moving services at the price that suits your budget. We make our services that affordable so that anyone can afford them. The more customers can avail of our services, the more it will make us happy and our services better.

What are the moving Quotes?

Moving quotes are the price estimates that the moving company gives to their customers. They are not actual price estimates, but they are a rough estimate to move a product or a number of products from one place to another. Price estimates are given to customers after checking the size, quantity and other essential details that effects price. You can quickly get free moving estimates over the call or online from any moving company. This will help you choose and compare the moving companies that suit your needs.

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