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Different people have different tastes. Some like taking a bath under a shower, and some like bathing using the bathtub. A spa tub is something that usually most people use, and it gives us some time for relaxation while bathing. But have you ever tried moving the bathtub or your spa tub? Well, it is not a great choice if you are trying to do it by yourself. A spa tub is one of the heaviest items in the home, and it weighs not only high but also is oversized.

Some people prefer hiring expert spa tub movers for the removal or relocation of their spa tub. Expert movers have experience in moving spa tubs without any hassle and will ensure the safety and security of your item.

Removing or relocating a spa tub is a thing that will make you stressed and tired. Do you know how to relocate or remove a spa tub? If not, then let’s discuss some points about what you will have to do when removing a spa tub.

Tips And Tricks

Tips And Tricks For Removing A Spa Tub

Here are some tips and tricks we have shared with you about how to remove a spa tub which include:

  • Firstly make sure your spa tub be clean and dry when you start moving it and try to put some duct tape on the drain so that some remaining small pieces of some areas don't fall in it.
  • Then after this, make sure to turn the water off in the house and then drain all the water out of the home system to prevent any leakage in the home.
  • After turning off the water, you will also have to turn off the electricity in the bathroom to ensure your safety while moving a spa tub.
  • Then you have to remove all the wiring and piping underneath your spa tub, and you will have to do it using some tools such as Drill/screwdrivers, Jigsaw, and Reciprocating saw. These helping tools are readily available in the market and will be very helpful while removing a spa tub.
  • After that, remove the spa skirt, which may be get fixed using some screws, so you need to have a piece of knowledge about the type of spa tub you have then first remove the screws if any, then gently use Safety eyewear and work gloves and Protective clothing for your safety, remove the outer clothing of your spa tub.
  • After this, you have to remove the spa tub, which will be a great deal as it contains high risk. You have to be very careful and focused while removing your spa tub. It is pretty heavy and oversized too. So make some space through passing doors so that there should not be any damage during the removal.
  • Try to get help from your friends and family members, especially some strong adults, while removing your spa tub.
  • After removing, load the spa tub into the truck and assemble all the parts correctly to avoid mishandling or loss of essential parts.

These are the number of things that you have to keep in mind while moving a spa tub. You have to be careful and focused during the removal. Due to this hectic process, many people prefer hiring expert pa tub movers to remove their spa tub, which will save their time and provide a hassle-free move. So let’s discuss some benefits of hiring expert spa tub movers in New Zealand.

Reasons To Choose Us

Why Choose Our Spa Pool Movers Services In Kaitangata?

Experienced Movers

Expert spa movers are experienced in moving spa tubs, and they have full knowledge of the moving process of the spa. They will move your spa easily and quickly without any damage and save a lot of time. Hiring expert spa movers will make your spa move hassle-free.

Have all tools and pieces of equipment

Expert movers have all the required pieces of equipment that will be needed to move your spa tub and wiring and piping underneath the spa tub. By hiring expert movers, you will not have to spend money on purchasing all the tools.

Affordable Price

Expert spa movers in New Zealand provides the best possible services at the most affordable prices. You will have your old spa tub moved at your pocket-friendly price. You don't have to worry about the cost here, and you will get what you want in your budget.


Expert spa movers will also transport your spa tub wherever you want to. Transportation service is included in the removal service, and you will get your spa tub moved by some expert movers quickly.

Loading and Unloading

Expert spa movers will also load and unload your spa tub carefully to avoid damage to the item. Loading and unloading is the most hectic process and needs the most focus, and that's why it is a better choice to hire some expert movers.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs | Spa Pool Removals Service Kaitangata

How much does it cost to remove or move a spa tub?

The cost of moving a spa tub will depend on the following factors:

  • Size of the spa tub
  • Numbers of movers needed to move the spa tub
  • Access to the location
  • Pickup and delivery locations of the spa tub.
  • The floor where the spa tub is located.
  • Time duration of the journey to move a spa tub.
What should I have to do before movers arrive to remove my spa tub?

You will need to do some required things before movers arrive at your location, which includes:

  • Drain your spa tub.
  • Turn the water off from the house.
  • Turn the electricity off.
  • Make some space free to move a spa tub.
  • Remove unnecessary items from your bathroom that may be a hurdle while moving your spa tub.
Can you help me get rid of my old spa tub?

Yes, we also remove the old spa from your home and help you relocate your new spa tub at your place if you want to. We provide both services at cheap rates in Kaitangata.

What do you mean by Access in moving Spa tub?

Access means to access and availability of your location. How easy it is for us to reach and deliver your spa tub and how much time it takes to do so. Access also includes the size and weight of the spa tub and the length and width of the passageways through which the spa tub will be removed.

Do you move a spa tub up and down the stairs?

It depends on a few factors such as how many up and down the stairs we have to move taking spa tub and also the length and width of the stairs. And if the spa tub fits while moving through stairs. It is a matter of security of our movers and your spa tub too. That’s why firstly, we have to look at the area. And after analyzing all the points, it will be decided whether the spa tub will be moved or not.

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